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My grandfather, Pete Findlay, brought our family to town over 50 years ago with a vision of making Las Vegas home and creating a legacy through the automobile business.  My father grew this small family business from 2 dealerships into the largest automotive retailer in Nevada and a top 20 private dealership group in the country.  Findlay Automotive currently has 27 dealerships, nearly 1,500 employees and $1.25 billion in total sales revenue in 2013.

Both my father and grandfather instilled an understanding with all employees and family members that we support our community and our community will reciprocate.  I view Findlay Sports and Entertainment as an extension and compliment to what my father and grandfather have built.  This is a unique opportunity for our organization to enhance our amazingly strong relationship with Las Vegas.  Living in Las Vegas my entire life, I’ve experienced firsthand how underutilized Las Vegas is when it comes to residential leisure activities.  We are the highest populated city in America without a Major League Sports team.

The time has come for Las Vegas to enter the world of major league sports and Major League Soccer is the perfect fit.  The Findlay Automotive Group is a home grown solid community partner.  I personally love soccer and I love Las Vegas, so it is my mission to bring Las Vegas leaders together and take advantage of the unique opportunity that lies before us.  Soccer is growing in popularity and Las Vegas has the perfect urban stadium location in Symphony Park.  Additionally Mayor Goodman is eager to build a world class sports venue.  Along with the help of other Las Vegas leaders, I’m excited to tackle the challenge of establishing an MLS team that operates with a strong sense of culture and creates an experience that will captivate the people of Las Vegas.


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